Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the team at the Athens Exchange Group (ATHEX Group), and the Greek capital market ecosystem, it is our honour and pleasure to host the 58th General Assembly and Annual Meeting of the WFE in Athens from 2-4 October 2018. We want to thank WFE Chairman Wu Qing and WFE CEO Nandini Sukumar for entrusting ATHEX with the organisation of this event, and giving us the opportunity to showcase our historic home city and the Greek capital market.

The city of Athens, with its rich history and position as a top global tourist destination, has weathered the challenges of the financial crisis and emerged a more dynamic, cosmopolitan city. From the centrally located venue of the event, the Grande Bretagne hotel, you will have the opportunity to easily explore our vibrant city and access a wide variety of attractions – The Acropolis, the ancient market (Agora), museums of different eras (Museum of Cycladic Art, Byzantine Museum, National Archeological Museum), the flea market and the old town of Athens (Plaka), the wonderful pedestrian walk of Dionysiou Aeropagitou and the new Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, and explore the many culinary and cultural experiences on offer.

The Athens Stock Exchange was established in 1876. Throughout its long history, the Exchange has weathered a number of crises as it grew. Today, our industry faces continuously evolving regulatory, political and technological changes, yet we strongly believe that exchanges can emerge as the marketplaces where innovation and growth are combined with neutrality and transparency. 

The WFE Annual Assembly offers us a unique opportunity to hold a productive dialogue, exchange views and discuss recent developments and analyse how to accommodate future trends and challenges without losing focus of the overall aim of our organisations – to best serve the economies of the markets we operate in, by providing efficient capital raising, trading and post-trading services to our market participants.

We look forward to welcoming you in Athens, and we wish you an exciting and pleasant stay.

Καλώς να Ορίσετε (Kalos na orisete) – Welcome!

Socrates Lazaridis
Chief Executive Officer