Post-Conference Tour


Friday 22 September 2023

Following the WFE General Assembly, delegates are invited to participate in a 1-day tour at an additional cost to experience the beauty, culture and all that the host destination has to offer. Delegates will remain in residence at the Hamilton Princess for the additional day excursion, with a full day of activities on offer.

Experience the enchanting beauty of Bermuda and immerse yourself in its unique culture during this year's post-conference tour. Join us for an unforgettable journey that unveils the island's hidden treasures and showcases its distinctive traditions.

Tickets are available to purchase, offering options for the full day of activities, as well as the day-time or evening portions only. 

o    Full Day of Activities + Cruise - $545

o    Just Daytime Activities - $435

o    Cruise - $110

Register HERE

9:00am – Transport leaves hotel

10:00am - Your Passport to Bermuda’s Heritage & Culture

On this exciting tour, you’ll get an immersive cultural experience as you visit the Town of St. George, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With exclusive access to some of Bermuda’s centuries-old buildings, you’ll learn about Bermuda’s unique culture, get to meet and create with local artists, sample some island cuisine and soak up the charm and beauty of this 400-year-old town. This tour includes sites along the African Diaspora Heritage Trail and stories from the oldest neighbourhood in St. George’s. Refreshments will be provided along the way. Your participation directly supports these talente local artists and businesses.

11:40am - St. Georges & Fort St. Catherine Walking Tour

Take a stroll around historic military outpost, Fort St. Catherine, which defended the eastern channel of Bermuda from the time of the island’s first settlement in the 1600’s and was used for military purposes through WWII.

12:30pm - Lunch at St. Regis Bermuda

Called the haven of oceanfront elegance situated in the historic town of St. George’s, The St. Regis Bermuda Resort is the perfect location for a relaxed lunch. Just steps away from the soft white sands of St. Catherine’s Beach, this lunchtime spot offers breath-taking views and a dramatic setting for lunch, offset by the casually elegant atmosphere and simple, yet sophisticated cuisine.

2:20pm - Crystal Caves

The moment you complete your descent down the walkway into Crystal Cave on your guided tour, you know you are on a journey of amazing natural beauty. Pathways of floating pontoons spread out before you, spanning a crystal-clear underground lake.  As you peer into the water, spectacular formations seem to exist mere inches beneath the surface.  In fact, they are over 50 feet below you, a testimony to the incredible clarity of the lake.  Above you, an amazing profusion of pristine white stalactites covered with crystallized soda straws are affixed to the roof of the cave. Treat yourself and your family to a fascinating, out-of-the-ordinary adventure at Bermuda’s stunning underground natural attraction.

3:30pm – Transport back to Hotel

4:00pm – 6:30pm - Free time for guests at the hotel

6:30pm - Evening Cruise

Cruise Bermuda’s turquoise waters with a cocktail in hand and take in the island from the water on one of Bermuda’s luxury charter vessels. Embark on a magical evening cruise through Bermuda's crystalline waters with a cocktail in hand, whilst you bask in the breathtaking sunset views. This enchanting voyage promises a perfect blend of culinary light bites and scenic wonders, creating a truly unforgettable experience.