Dear Friends,

It is an honour and pleasure to be hosting the 61st WFE General Assembly & Annual Meeting (GA&AM) in Malta from 26 to 29 September 2022. Although the Malta Stock Exchange has been affiliated with the WFE for over 25 years, it is our first time hosting a major WFE conference.

Malta is currently one of Europe’s fastest growing economies, and you can sense excitement in the air. We have a long and rich history dating back to 5900 BC. From the Phoenicians to the Carthaginians, to the Arabs, French, and British, few countries have had such a rich mixture of diverse cultural influences. With a land mass half the size of Singapore, we attract over 2.7 million tourists annually - that’s about six times the size of our population.

As hosts, we will endeavour to ensure that our international guests have an exciting and enjoyable experience in Malta.

On behalf of the Malta Stock Exchange we look forward to giving you all a very warm, Mediterranean welcome.

Joseph Portelli 
Executive Chairman
Malta Stock Exchange